Duration: 21 Nights / 22 Days
Price: US$ 222.00/-Nett PP


                          Team Building Training


Heighten Collaboration between Teams and Team Members
Align individual goals with Team and Organizational Goals
Resolve inevitable conflicts and covert them into Productive Outcomes
Make the team 'Believe' in Massive Goals&make the team break their mental barriers
Work together as 'One Team' during tough times, influencing and encouraging one another to achieve set goals

Our Team Building Training Programs are perfect solutions for helping people become respectful competitors, cooperative team members and leaders. These workshops create the right ambience to challenge one's limitations, understanding and ability to adapt. We aim at creating awareness for the importance of committed, passionate and engaged members with a high degree of accountability and the importance of rising to the challenges head on. After having built a team, a continuous effort at achieving optimum output is an art which differentiates organizations that evolve from others. Strategies, aimed at developing human potential and increased reliance on team effectiveness are impressed upon. Maintaining trust, bonding, co-ordination and timely challenges are pillars the Team Building Training Programs are based on.
Methodology & Nature of Team Building Training

Breakthrough Activities
Outdoor Experiential Activities
Indoor Experiential Activities
Adventure Based Outdoor Activities
Transformational Tools and Techniques
High Energy
Insightful and Humorous Interactions
Inspirational Videos

The program outline and methodology goes through customization after detailed understand of the learning and business outcome desired. This ensures maximum results converting our Team Building Training Programs from a 'Cost' to an 'Investment'.

Teambuilding Program

Adventure Education

We Club Himalaya Holidays has a long experience in offering adventure education to national and international groups. We organize a wide range of itineraries; from three-day programs at the popular resorts of Nepal to one month all Nepal adventures, from home stay and volunteering projects to fully catered trekking and sightseeing tours.

We are creative with our surroundings and utilize a variety of adventure activities to help break through

perceived limitations, to develop tangible trust and support amongst participants. Trekking, rope skills and rock climbing, white water rafting and kayaking, service projects and village placements are only some of the activities we can incorporate. Our learning opportunities range from experiencing famous cultural sights in the Kathmandu Valley to the pristine wilderness areas amongst the world’s most amazing Himalayan mountain ranges. This is learning on a grand scale and we use each activity to its fullest potential.

We do understand that balance is important and make sure that the activities we choose are matched

to the skills and requirements of your employees in order to make the learning process fun. Because when what we are doing challenges and engages us, the learning has an impact. Over the past ten years we have provided powerful and timely learning opportunities for employees from organizations around the globe. Our aim is to challenge individuals to realize their potentials by providing them with the experiences necessary for inspired achievement.

Our programs promise to be not only an unforgettable adventure, but an educational one as well.

Participants will be led through activities designed to help them explore communication skills, leadership

roles and group dynamics while exploring and experiencing a variety of cultures from very beautiful

wilderness areas. We hope the participants, through these experiences, will learn more about themselves,

another country and cultures and extend their own perception of their abilities and responsibilities.

We invite you and your group to push back the boundaries of your imagination and embark on a journey

of exploration and discovery.

Environmental Education

Nepal, for all its massive mountain peaks and impressive geography, is actually an incredibly fragile

environment. Deforestation, erosion, and overpopulation are becoming major problems in some areas

of Nepal. Tourism, which has given the Nepalese new opportunities and resources, has also had a

large effect on the consumption of natural resources. Our lives have revolved around free flowing

rivers and the mountains that feed these rivers. They have captivated our imagination and our hearts,

and throughout all the years they have been an inspiration. For almost two decades we have been

gaining knowledge and appreciation for these little known areas. We feel an increased responsibility to

protect and preserve these wild places, and this is the message we convey on all our expeditions - not

just our groups. It is of the utmost importance to all of us that our interaction with the people we

encounter along the way be positive and mutually beneficial.


Nepal is our home and we treat it as such. We provide real benefits to local economies, employing and

training staff, purchasing all supplies and services locally, and supporting people in the areas we work

and visit. Our programs offer exceptional value for money, while still enabling us to offer you the best

in service, experience and equipment. By booking these programs through us you are

coming direct to source. Over the years we have built an exceptional reputation with people from around the world. Our returning staff and instructors are one of our greatest assets, these are the people who have helped to build our programs and they bring with them international certifications and the joy of learning.


Safety first

All adventures are truly unique experiences, they demand choosing a company with the right

expertise, attitude and equipment, and above all respect for the natural forces we play with. Our

extremely talented guides set safety standards for others to follow, leaving you free to enjoy your

adventure with the knowledge that you are in the most capable of hands. If you have half the fun we

do, then you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!


Our partner organisations, has intimate and extensive knowledge of all Nepal’s wild rivers. Their team has more experience on the wild rivers of  Nepal. Highly qualified guides and safety kayakers, state of the art equipment and decades of experience will give you confidence to really enjoy one of the best rivers Nepal has to offer.


Our dedication to safety shows in our equipment as well. All adventure activities are intrinsically

dependent on using the most advanced and reliable equipment available. We carry extensive medical

kits during all activities, and are absolutely fanatical about hygiene.


Adventure activities promote a very healthy appetite and we put a lot of time and effort into preparing

superb, hygienically prepared, wholesome and abundant food. We always offer a vegetarian option

and can cater to special diets.



Note: The program details below and itineraries are not to be shared with participants as it will be more effective to conduct these trainings without them knowing the exact itinerary. It is precisely for this reason we have chosen not to disclose the exact nature and design of any assignments. Please also note that the following programs are subject to changes and if possible we will advise you of changes (other than minor ones) before commencement of the program.



6.00 am Departure from Kathmandu

10.00 am Arrival at riverside resort

10.15 am Introduction

10.30 am Common Goal

11.30 am Teambuilding activity

12.30 am Tent Allocation

1.00 pm Lunch

2.00 pm Assignment 3 [group I]

2.00 pm Assignment 4 [group II]

2.45 pm Assignment 3 [group II]

2.45 pm Assignment 4 [group I]

3.15 pm Assignment 5 [group I]

3.15 pm Assignment 6 [group II]

4.00 pm Tea break:

4.30 pm Assignment 5 [group II]

5.00 pm Assignment 6 [group I]

6.00 pm Reflection

7.30 pm Dinner



6.30 am Wake up

7.00 am Energizer

7.30 am Breakfast

9.00 am Hike in the community

1.00 pm Packed Lunch

3.30 pm Back at Resort

4.30 pm Tea and cookies

5.00 pm Assignment

6.30 pm Reflection

7.30 pm Dinner



6.30 am Wake up

7.00 am Energizer

7.30 am Breakfast

8.30 am Assignment [group I]

8.30 am Canyoning [group II]

12.30 pm Lunch

1.15 pm Assignment [group II]

1.15 pm canyonoing [group I]

4.15 pm Tea break

4.45 pm Assignment

6.00 pm Assignment

7.30 pm Dinner

8.30 pm Performance



6.30 am Wake up

7.00 am Energizer

7.30 am Breakfast

9.00 am Packup

9.30 am Assignment

10.00 am Reflection

10.30 am Drive back to Kathmandu

1.30 pm Arrive in Kathmandu


Assignment on Day I are lawn activities that challenges the team to work as a group,

Assignemnt on Day III is preparation time for each group for their performance after Dinner.

Please bring your own breakfast on day I


Quotation teambuilding package

Teambuilding package                     USD 475 nett per person

Package includes

All meals, tea and snacks

Accommodation in safari tents (deluxe two person tents or standard four person tents)

Canyoning, Team assignments

All materials and equipments and fees for team building trainers and guides

Group T-shirts

Transportation [Kathmandu – Program Resort - Kathmandu]

All currently applicable taxes

Package does not include

Tips, drinks, phone calls or any other personal expenses.

Things to Bring:

Personal medication, hiking shoes, warm clothes, flash light, water bottle, hat/cap, sunscreen, water, Shoes (for canyoning), bathing suit. 

Option: II: 3 Nights 4 Days 3 nights Team Building Program:

Day 1. Private bus transport from Kathmandu to Beach Camp. Get settled in your tented accommodation. Refreshment drinks and camp briefing. Rafting class III whitewater as a first team building activity. Evening program: Inspiring talk and slide show presentation by Nepali - all about that nothing is impossible and how to work in a group. Dinner, campfire.

Day 2. Morning yoga. Breakfast. Hike and canyoning- support each other as a team. Lunch back at Beach Camp. Afternoon focused on a variety of group working and team building games at the beach. Spend some time in the swimming pool or play beach volleyball. BBQ dinner.

Day 3. Morning yoga. Breakfast. Kayaking- great opportunity for personal development. Lunch. Afternoon focused on a variety of leadership games at the beach. Spend some time in the swimming pool. Traditional Nepali dinner. Tell stories over the campfire.

Day 4. Morning yoga. Breakfast. Go through what we have learnt and how to use it at home, in the classroom and workplace. Lunch. Transport by private bus to Kathmandu.

Incl. transport, 3 meals per day, unlimited tea & coffee, all activities mentioned, guides and leaders, tented accommodation. 

Price: 275 USD per person. 

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