Lhasa, Mt. Kailash & Guge Kingdom (23 days)

On the journey to Mt. Kailash across the windswept Tibetan plateau, you will see cliff-top monasteries, wild-looking but hardy and hospitable Tibetans, yak caravans journeying over snowy passes, and the great peaks of the Himalaya in the foreground of grazing herds, yak skin tents and a glittering turquoise lake. Journeying through Norbulingka, Sera and Drepung monasteries, Potala Palace, Jokhang temple and Barkhor markets, you gain in-depth understanding of Tibetan ancient cultures and civilizations.
Traveling in a comfortable 4WD Land Cruiser supported by a team of local camping crew and an expert local Tibetan guide, you journey through legendry monasteries and the fortresses of Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse and other significant Tibetan towns and settlements over several high passes via the scenic Northern route visiting much of far-western Tibet.

Driving across the wide open spaces of the Tibetan Plateau brings you to ‘Guge Kingdom’ (Tholing & Tsaparang), the archeologically significant remains of Tibet's ancient civilization. Marveling once more at the barren yet spectacular landscape of Tibet you continue driving to the serene and most sacred Lake Manasarovar, before completing a kora (loop trek) around Mt Kailash. From there, you re-cross the vast arid plains before heading south to the Nepalese border and returning to Kathmandu. The magnificent sceneries blending with the sights of ancient culture make this an amazing trip that remains sketched in your memories for a lifetime. Throughout the journey from the Tibetan Plateau to Kathmandu you enjoy comfortable overnight accommodation, excellent food and convenient camping facilities

Duration: 22 Nights / 23 Days
Price: US$ 0.00/-Nett PP


Day 01: Arrival Lhasa (3660 meters/11712ft) 

Day 02: Sightseeing tour in Lhasa.

Day 03: Sightseeing tour in Lhasa.

Day 04: Free day in Lhasa. 

Day 05: Drive to Gyantse (3950m/12640ft) 260 km

Day 06: Drive to Shigatse (3900m/12480ft) 90 km.

Day 07: Drive to Lhatse (4050m/12960ft) 150 km.

Day 08: Drive to Sasang 122 km.

Day 09: Drive to Tsochen 355 km.

Day 10: Drive to Gertse 268 km.

Day 11: Drive to Gakyi 373 km.

Day 12: Drive to Shiquanhe 112 km.

Day 13: Drive to Tsada 295 km.

Day 14: Excursion Guge Kingdom (Tholing & Tsaparang).

Day 15: Drive to Tarboche.

Day 16: Saga Dawa Festival at Tarboche.

Day 17: Trek to Dira Puk.

Day 18: Trek to Zutul Puk (4790m/15328ft).

Day 19: Trek to Darchen (4560m/14592ft), drive to Lake Manasarovar (4560m/14592ft) 35km 

Day 20: Drive to Paryang (4750m/15200ft) 270 km.

Day 21: Drive to Saga (4699m/15037ft) 255 km.

Day 22: Drive to Nyalam 250 km.

Day 23: Drive to Kathmandu (1400m/4480ft) 180 km.

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